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The tweet that saved the entire female population
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yup, that’s me!
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how to have a happy 5sos

  1. write them letters, not just your twitter username on a slip of paper
  2. pay attention to their music, not rumors
  3. tweet them sweet things about their music, not rumors
  4. let them leave buildings with not too much commotion, not mobbing them  




fun date idea: Go down on me while I shop online with ur credit card

I don’t think someone could focus on the internet while I was going down on them.

you over estimate your skill and underestimate the joy of shopping

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I just had a grown man tell me to “go make me a sandwich” as I was doing his pourover

I told him I didn’t understand what he meant because we’re a coffee shop, and he was like “oh it’s a joke” and I said I “didn’t get it” and he went “it’s funny because you’re a woman working in a kitchen”

And I just stared at him until he got how stupid he sounded

let them feel their ignorance burn into their souls